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If you are a start-up, a large company operating in the Tech, Digital and Data Science sectors, we offer a range of expert services to ensure the rapid and secure recruitment of the talent that will drive your growth in the future.écran-2021-02-04-à-00.53.33-e1612397310187.png
Head of infrastructure / Cloud Architect / Infra / Admin System / SRE / DevOps / Network & Security Engineer / QA Engineer
Chief Sales Officer / Presales / Key Account Manager / Key Account Director / Account Manager / Business Manager / Business Developer / Inside Sales / Customer Support / Manager
Full Stack Engineer / Front end Engineer (Vue, React, ...) / Web integrator - HTML/CSS / Backend Engineer / Ruby Engineer / Python Engineer / Php Engineer (Symfony, Laravel, ...) / Java Engineer / Scala Engineer / C# Engineer / C++ Engineer / .Net Engineer / Mobile Engineer
Product Manager / Product Owner / Scrum Master / Coach Agile / Project Managers (MOA, MOE...) / Head of Design / Graphiste / UX Designer / UI Designer / Motion Designer
Head of Data / Data Scientist (ML, IA, NLP, DL, ...) / Ingénieur BI (ETL, Teradata, ...) / Data Analyst (Sql, R, Tableau, ...) / Web data analyst (Analytics, tag, ...) / Data Manager (sql, python, ...) / Data Engineer (Hadoop, Spark, ...)
Chief Marketing Officer / Traffic Manager / SEO / SEA / Growth Hacker / Brand Manager / RP, influence & Event / Social Media Manager / Community Manager / Content Manager / Programmatic
CTO / DSI / CIO / Architecte

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Why choose 88DATA.JOBS?

Our consultants have been working in the IT recruitment sector for over 12 years. They are experts and have a strong service culture, to support you from the moment you define a position, right through to the first months of the candidate’s integration.

What is your recipe for recruitment?

First and foremost, it is the combination of technology and expertise of the recruiters.

The recruitment platform we have developed combines the latest technologies for today’s penuric recruitment: powerful and deep top-level sourcing, multi-channel communications, rating at all stages, video, skills tests and assessments. Our consultants are dedicated to the most important stages, those of selection and summary interviews.

What skills are sought for your recruiters?

We are looking to improve but the 16 skills that 88DATA.JOBS consultants develop are:

For the soft skills: strong communication skills, confidence, a natural curiosity, good listening skills, ability to read and display positive, body language, reliability, big picture thinking, strong networking and relationship building skills, empathy.
For the hard skills: data-driven mentality, marketing and sales skills, ability to use technology, critical thinking, multitasking and time management, ability to manage expectations, strong aptitude for learning.

Why are my internal recruiters not enough?

Your workforce plans will have to get agile. Rapidly changing hiring needs will be your biggest priority. Recruiting isn’t just more important today—it’s also more difficult. That’s because companies’ talent needs seem to change day by day. The top priorities over the next months will be keeping up with rapidly changing hiring needs, keeping up with recruiting technology and leveraging data effectively. We are already working on it every day.

An expert team dedicated to your recruitment

A unique mix on the Tech recruitment market

By listening to our clients and by dint of searching, we have found the best ecosystem to help you recruit rare profiles: Niche job sites + Expert Recruitment Services + Dedicated Recruitment Events.

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We commit personally and as a team to filling each and every position, even those with the narrowest of requirements.
Laurent Clementz, MSc

Laurent Clementz, MSc

Yang Lin, MSc

Yang Lin, MSc

Stéphane Devienne, MSc

Stéphane Devienne, MSc

Lucille Gautier

Lucille Gautier

What our clients say
88DATA.JOBS is providing excellent service recruiting talent for us. They propose candidates of high quality that not only match the key qualifications but also possess high social skills. Their thorough knowledge of the IT TECH DATASCIENCE areas is a valuable asset and highly valued.
J. Richardson
SPHERIS TECH SASécran-2021-02-04-à-00.51.05-1-e1612397338260.png
What our clients say
Having collaborated on the recruitment of Tech experts, I quickly realized that 88DATA.JOBS has a strong capacity to understand the skills required, to source both in Europe and in China, and to screen dozens of profiles. The recruitment teams are dedicated and persistent.
A. Loiseau
What our clients say
88DATA.JOBS is providing excellent service recruiting talent for us. They propose candidates of high quality that not only match the key qualifications but also possess high social skills. Their thorough knowledge of the Tech, IT and Datascience area is a valuable asset and highly valued.
A. Simpson
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